Bad Jews - Vox Pop

‘Exhilaratingly abrasive... A terrific family comedy’ Daily Telegraph
‘Ferociously clever... a visceral thrill’ Evening Standard
‘Hilariously, exquisitely edgy’ The Times
Scaldingly funny’ Daily Telegraph
‘Vivid, raw, brilliant.’ Financial Times
‘Exquisitely hilarious’ The Independent
'Pacy, funny and frequently provocative’ Daily Mail
‘A riotous evening’ Time Out
"The acting is a cut above most commercial theatre here" The Age
"If you thought your family was certifiable, think again" Theatrepeople
"Critic's Pick. There’s nothing like a death in the family to bring out the worst in people. This unhappy truth is displayed with delectably savage humor in 'Bad Jews,' a zesty play by Joshua Harmon...[that is] THE BEST COMEDY OF THE SEASON." The New York Times
"Four stars. Watching 'Bad Jews,' you may change your mind about who the title refers to. But you'll also be consistently impressed by this fast and funny, pungent and poignant comedy by Joshua Harmon." New York Daily News
"[In] Joshua Harmon’s strikingly perceptive comedy with claws, Daphna is one of the most memorable characters to come down the pike in some time. Harmon’s biting script, which unfolds in 100 minutes of real time...marks him as a new theatrical voice to be reckoned with." Backstage
"'Bad Jews' is delicious, nasty fun... Equal parts brains and brawl, Joshua Harmon's play isn't a textbook comedy of hostility, but a smart, divisive conversation starter." New York Post
"One of the funniest things on the New York stage right now... [Harmon] has given us a gleefully funny, thought-provoking evening." Huffington Post
“I thought I’d died and gone to comic heaven…shockingly good” Independent
“Superlative…scaldingly funny” Daily Telegraph
“The cast of Bad Jews is outstanding” Weekend Notes
“A bitingly funny script full of wit, irreverence and reverence is the backbone of this comedic and dramatic play about cultural identity” The Blurb
“Abrasive, yet hysterical and well worth seeing” Film News
“It's an almost-perfect comedy — snappy, scathing and philosophical — and brilliantly delivered” The Music.com
“This is edgy black comedy with no shortage of invective and I couldn’t get enough of it” The Blurb